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Beautiful Products
hand crafted in Africa by local artisans
using traditional skills and only sustainable materials
and bringing style, quality and an African vibe to Irish homes

Our Product Range

Cushion Covers
Cotton, Silk & Embroidered Cushion Covers
by Tribal Textiles, Mapula, Sabahah
Shoulder & Tote Bags by Mifuko
Tote Bags & Crossbody Pouches by Mapula
Table Linen
Tablecloths, Runners, Mats & Napkins
by Tribal Textiles
Scarves, Shawls & Ponchos
Handspun Ethiopian Silk & Cotton
By Sabahar
Award winning Blantyre Jars
by People Of The Sun
Storage, Laundry & Table Baskets
by People of the Sun, WomenCraft & Artisanne
Throws and Blankets
Handspun Ethiopian Silk and Cotton
by Sabahar
Wall Decor
Wall Hangings by Mapula & Tribal Textiles
Wall Art by People of the Sun
Aprons for Adults & Children
by Mapula & Tribal Textiles
+ Coming Soon + Kikoy & Chitenge Sarongs
Malawian Wax Cotton Sarongs
by Katundu
+ Coming Soon + Chitenge Kimonos
Dazzling Malawian Wax Prints
by Katundu
+ Coming Soon + Lighting
Tumbled Glass & Bead Lighting
by Katundu

Every Product Tells a Story …

… of the harvesters and growers … and the driers and dyers and paint mixers … the weavers, the spinners, the stitchers, the embroiderers and the finishers … the drawers, the painters, the colourists … the turners and carvers, the glass cutter, the box maker
… and not forgetting the coffee maker and the deliverers
… and all the men and women ... and the families and communities they support

The Harvester
The Silk Farmer
Plants for Dyeing
The Dyer
The Colour Mixer
The Warp Handler
The Spinner
The Hand Weaver
The Loom Weaver
The Basketeer
The Embroiderer
The Painters
The Wood Turner
The Glass Cutter
The Box Makers
The Coffee Maker
The Deliverers

We know where our products come from ~   and the people who make them   ~

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